How they Was Rappinā€™ in 1996


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I had almost forgotten how crazy a year 1996 actually was for hip-hop. So many tracks kept coming to mind when creating this one, and personally, this playlist may be my favourite thus far. A ton of head nodders and a whole bunch of incredible music came out this year. 1996 also holds the distinction as being the last year prior to the grip of the “shiny-suit” era of rap.

Surprisingly, Spotify (@Spotify) managed to come through with a bunch of stuff I wouldn’t have expected them to have the rights to so I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out – should be a good summer listen to reminisce over for the hip-hop heads anyway!

Happy #FlashbackFriday and to all my Guelphites, have an amazingĀ Hillside (@HillsideFest) weekend – hopefully some of you will be able to take this playlist with you to the campground.. or maybe even inside of the fabled Volly Village!


The best rapper of 1996 (according to Complex) : 2PAC

For those who aren’t aware and/or have been living under rocks, Jay-ZĀ (@S_C_) pulled his entire catalogue from Spotify due to his interests in the competing streaming service, TIDAL (@TIDALHiFi) – the absence of Reasonable Doubt should come as no surprise to most. However, as is usually the case, there are always a few others that manage to elude the reach of Spotify and 1996 has been no different in that regard.

The ideal ’96 rap playlist would have also included cuts from each one of these gems:

da Bush Babees ā€“Ā Gravity

De La Soul ā€“ Stakes is High

DJ Honda ā€“ DJ Honda

East Flatbush Project ā€“ Tried by 12 (single)

Frankie Cutlass ā€“ Politics & Bullshit

JaĆæ-Z ā€“ Reasonable Doubt

Jeru the Damaja ā€“ Wrath of the Math

Juggaknots ā€“ Clear Blue Skies

Siah & Yeshua DapoED ā€“ the Visualz

Trigger tha Gambler ā€“ Life’s a 50/50 Gamble (unreleased)

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See you “next year”!Ā āœˆļøĀ 1āƒ£ļøĀ 9āƒ£ļøĀ 9āƒ£ļøĀ 7āƒ£ļø

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How they Was Rappinā€™ in 1992


In continuation of my blogĀ about How they Was Rappin’ in 1991, I’m back again with a new playlist to cover some of the best hip-hop tracks out of ’92!

Similar to its predecessor, this playlist sits at 35 tracks and clocks in at exactly 2Ā½ hoursĀ in duration. Click below toĀ enjoy this aural time capsule on anotherĀ fabulousĀ #WaybackWednesday!


The best rapper of 1992 (according to Complex) : REDMAN

Sadly, due toĀ SpotifyĀ (@Spotify) and the limitations presented byĀ its catalogue, there are some especiallyĀ significantĀ absences here,Ā most notably:

Dr. Dre – the Chronic

Diamond D & the Psychotic Neurotics – Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop

Da Lench MobĀ –Ā Guerillas in tha Mist

Hard KnocksĀ –Ā School of Hard Knocks

In spite of these omissions, I still feel thisĀ playlist provides a comprehensive look (and listen) into theĀ landscape of hip-hop, back as it existedĀ in 1992. Please letĀ me know your thoughts on these inĀ the comments below – hope everyone is digging the series so far!

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