How they Was Rappin’ in 1998


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Back again with our first Autumn 🍂  entry into our 90s playlist series. Hopefully, you’ve been enjoying these tracks as much as we’ve had compiling them – they’ve certainly provided a much needed trip down memory lane (sittin’ in da park)!

Now that we’re spotlighting the 1998 calendar, it’s a little sad knowing we’re approaching the conclusion of this particular series. However, as I run through these tracks, I’m again reminded that there’s no question which decade has provided us with the most quality and diversity in hip-hop.

By this time, rap music had strengthened its grip upon mainstream culture and was establishing itself as a dominating force. The genre had become more lucrative than ever, and due to this, the number of rap acts had exploded. With regional acts across the United States putting their cities on the map with the movements they were creating, this playlist is our longest and most comprehensive yet at 50 tracks and 3 hours and 40 minutes in length (!) – and STILL, we’re missing a few! Continue reading

Crate Diggers: DJ Eclipse


You already know.

The best music series on the internet is back. Here we go with another fresh episode of Crate Diggers.

This week, we get an exclusive peek into the home of DJ Eclipse (@ItsDJEclipse) – formerly of Non Phixion, host of the Halftime Show / Rap is Outta Control, and member of the world famous Rock Steady Crew.

Dude estimates his collection currently sits at about 28,000 pieces and it shows.

Every room of this man’s house is literally filled with records.

It is quite a spectacle. It would be a privilege to comb those rooms just to be able to see some of those jewels in person.

Also, it must be said that I agree 100% with his “survival of the fittest” sentiments at the end of the segment.

Another massive installment in the series. Fantastic episode with a genuinely knowledged head.

Take a look at episode no. 30 below:

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