How they Was Rappin’ in 1996


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I had almost forgotten how crazy a year 1996 actually was for hip-hop. So many tracks kept coming to mind when creating this one, and personally, this playlist may be my favourite thus far. A ton of head nodders and a whole bunch of incredible music came out this year. 1996 also holds the distinction as being the last year prior to the grip of the “shiny-suit” era of rap.

Surprisingly, Spotify (@Spotify) managed to come through with a bunch of stuff I wouldn’t have expected them to have the rights to so I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out – should be a good summer listen to reminisce over for the hip-hop heads anyway! Continue reading

Crate Diggers: Young Guru


For some time now, has been producing what has become one of my favourite web-series – Crate Diggers.

Typically uploading new episodes on alternating Wednesdays, the show focuses upon exploring the vinyl collections of established artists across a variety of genres (although there is a heavy hip-hop focus).

It is must-watch material, not only for aspiring producers, beat heads, and sample nerds, but there is enough knowledge and history on display in each episode for the average music geek to appreciate.

This latest installment spotlights the wax of long-time Jay-Z (@S_C_) engineer and Grammy Award nominee, Young Guru (@Young_Guru).

Take a look at episode no. 26 below:

To check out the entirety of the Crate Diggers playlist, go here.
In particular, last week‘s episode with Egon (@nowagain), as well as the comprehensive J Dilla piece (found here), are absolutely outstanding.