How they Was Rappinā€™ in 1992


In continuation of my blogĀ about How they Was Rappin’ in 1991, I’m back again with a new playlist to cover some of the best hip-hop tracks out of ’92!

Similar to its predecessor, this playlist sits at 35 tracks and clocks in at exactly 2Ā½ hoursĀ in duration. Click below toĀ enjoy this aural time capsule on anotherĀ fabulousĀ #WaybackWednesday!


The best rapper of 1992 (according to Complex) : REDMAN

Sadly, due toĀ SpotifyĀ (@Spotify) and the limitations presented byĀ its catalogue, there are some especiallyĀ significantĀ absences here,Ā most notably:

Dr. Dre – the Chronic

Diamond D & the Psychotic Neurotics – Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop

Da Lench MobĀ –Ā Guerillas in tha Mist

Hard KnocksĀ –Ā School of Hard Knocks

In spite of these omissions, I still feel thisĀ playlist provides a comprehensive look (and listen) into theĀ landscape of hip-hop, back as it existedĀ in 1992. Please letĀ me know your thoughts on these inĀ the comments below – hope everyone is digging the series so far!

NEXT UP: How they Was Rappinā€™ in 1993! šŸŽ¤

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