šŸŽ¼ #GuelphMusicClub: Best of 2016


DeftonesĀ ā€“Ā Gore

deftonesgoreBeing a fan of Deftones since the release of their debut album, Adrenaline, all the way back in 1995, I have to say I wasĀ pretty taken aback by how great Koi No Yokan was upon its release. At that timeĀ in 2012, it seemed as if the band was achievingĀ new heights, which was especially impressive given their recent dip in quality (though I enjoyed Saturday Night Wrist, it is my opinion that Deftones and Diamond Eyes are mostlyĀ bad albums).

I came to believe that KNY was the most complete, and arguably best,Ā DeftonesĀ albumĀ until that point so I was heavily anticipating the release of Gore. Sadly, it turned into a major disappointment. To me, this sounds like a band that is struggling internally with what type of band they’re trying to be. They have always managed to incorporate a diverse range of influences into their compositions, however, this time around, their heavier parts seem more forced than ever.

This is another album that found its way onto a lot of year-end best-of lists and I have a difficult timeĀ comprehending what others saw in it. While there are some interesting ideas at play here (Abe Cunningham is still one of the best drummers in rock – see “Xenon“), I really feel that theseĀ guys are capable of so muchĀ more.

P.S. Honourable mention to Drake (@Drake) for Views. Similarly to Gore, it was aĀ massively disappointing release toĀ follow up what was arguably the best project of hisĀ career.

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