14/15 Fantasy Premier League: Week 6 Recap


Another tumultuous week for the Arsenal (@Arsenal).

The latest installment of the North London derby ended in a 1-1 stalemate.

After a goalless first half, Tottenham (@SpursOfficial) took advantage of some sloppy Arsenal defense to open the scoring about 10 minutes into the second.

Thankfully, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (@Alex_OxChambo) was able to equalize roughly 20 minutes later in order to salvage the point.

Curiously, the Ox started ahead of new signing, Alexis Sánchez (@Alexis_Sanchez).

With Alexis now having not made the starting XI for two consecutive Premier League (@premierleague) starts, word is emerging that he has been dropped by Wenger for disrupting Arsenal’s style.

While I would say it’s true that Alexis likes to hug the ball a bit more than the average Gunner, I’m not sure it’s fair to say he slows down the team as his pace can be electric.

If anything, he seems to have an advanced ability to draw players away from their markers in order to free up the pass.

But I digress.

The Danny Welbeck buy may have allowed Wenger to avoid forcing Alexis to play through the middle but there is no reason to assume that the second-highest player purchase in club history is in danger of becoming the next Podolski (@Podolski10).

The derby also came with a dark side.

Wenger was forced to use two of his three substitutions before the half with both Mikel Arteta (@m8arteta) and Aaron Ramsey (@aaronramsey) leaving through injury.

The manager found the knocks to be curious given that both players were rested during the Capital One Cup (@CapitalOne_Cup).

Remember when Shad Forsythe was supposed to be our signing of the summer?

I know us Gooners are supposed to be familiar with extended layoffs due to injury – even expecting them at times – but this season began with an outright crisis and it hasn’t seemed to let up yet.

The boss did, however, have some positive news for us today in regards to injuries:

I look forward to seeing what Theo Walcott (@theowalcott) can add to the side.

Serge Gnabry (@SergeGnabry) continues to be one of our more exciting young players.

Nevertheless, the focus now becomes Galatasaray (@GalatasaraySK) in tomorrow’s Champions League (@ChampionsLeague) fixture.

We need a top quality display after taking that drubbing from Borussia Dortmund (@BVB) to open up the group stage.


Onto the fantasy we go.

*     *     *     *     *



Overall Points: 314

Global: 147,155 (Last week: 237,170)
Fans of Arsenal: 6,751 (Last week: 11,725)
Canada: 1,422 (Last week: 2,278)

Private League I: 3/9 (5 points out of 1st)
Private League II: 2/13 (5 points out of 1st)
Private League III: 1/3 (58 points clear)

*     *     *     *     *



Total Points: 589

Global: ???
Fans of Arsenal: ???


Private League I: 2 / 6 (16 points out of 1st)

*     *     *     *     *

I have to thank Asmir Begovic (@asmir1) and Ryan Shawcross as the Stoke (@stokecity) clean sheet was what helped me to finish with an above-average week in the official game.

With RamseyJames Ward-Prowse (@Prowsey16), and Yaya Sanogo (@Yayasanogoal22) all sidelined for significant periods, I’ll be tempted to use my wildcard prior to gameweek 7.

I was really hoping to hold onto the WC as long as possible this year but sometimes circumstances dictate the situation.

It’s still possible to play a full squad and keep my bench filled with all three injured options but I can’t afford to lose any ground at this early point in the season.

Decisions, decisions.

The Yahoo! game seems to be getting more difficult for me with each week.

The problem being that I have some marquee players being held at some serious cut-rate prices.. so making any significant changes to the squad has turned into a pretty serious quandary.

Now that his place in the XI may be temporarily jeopardized, do I drop Alexis Sánchez despite holding him at less than £5m?

I already know who I’ll be swapping Ramsey out for during his absence so I suppose not all is lost.

How about you? How are your teams looking through the first month and a half?

How did you make out in Gameweek 6???


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