Sign-Ups for 2014/15 Premier League Fantasy are Now Open


Me, year after year, minus the goatee.

After a terrific World Cup – certainly the best in many years – we are roughly a month out from the start of the 2014/15 Premier League (@premierleague) campaign!

We all know what that means: it is time to sign up for the fantasy season!

The official and the Yahoo! games are now both officially open for business.

Most fans of the Yahoo! game should be pleased to see that some of their tweaks from last year (read: rip-offs from the official game) have either been scaled back or removed completely.

Gone are the captaincies and the absurdly inflated £150M budgets.

Team budgets have reverted back to a respectable £100M, though this will pose something of a challenge as the substitutes bench will remain this season.

We will also see the reintroduction of the single point earned for winning a corner.

Another significant change that I hear is taking place is that new players who arrive at the PL mid-season will be introduced with proper starting values.

In the past, mid-season squad additions would enter the Yahoo! fantasy somewhere around the £6.7 mark, regardless of their pedigree.

This year, it sounds like introductory prices will better reflect the real-life caliber of the player.

As for the official game, well, that format has set the standard and it remains tried and true yet again this year with no significant changes.

*     *     *     *     *

2014 has been a bit of a tumultuous year for me and due to that, my 13/14 fantasy series fizzled out prematurely.

Seeing as I intend on doing the weekly recaps again this season, I felt it only right to share my previous results.


Overall Points: 2197

Global: 300,733
Fans of Arsenal: 13,770
Canada: 2,950

Although I finished the season with my highest ever points total, I was unable to beat my highest ever finish which continues to stand at 270,816th overall.

At one point, I sat inside the top 100,000 and to finish inside of that was my goal for the year.

Looks like I still have some work to do!

*     *     *     *     *


Total Points: 4325

Global: 2,885
Fans of Arsenal: 638

My goal for the Yahoo! game was to make it within the top 1,000.

I got within it a few times but couldn’t hold on and petered out a bit towards the end of the year.

Overall though, I was still pleased with my performance, especially given the radical changes to the format.

I was mostly satisfied to have finished within the 99th overall percentile for the second consecutive season.

*     *     *     *     *

How about you?

Will you playing fantasy again this season?

Did you follow my recaps from last year?

Any thoughts / suggestions?

Looking forward to another great season of football!