Fantasy Premier League: Week 17 Player Picks

Can you believe we are already just about halfway through the 2013-14 Premier League (@premierleague) campaign?

I have to say, each calendar year seems to go by faster than the one previous.

Not sure I’ll ever get used to that (that = getting old).

So, this last slate of fixtures prior to the Christmas holiday begins with Cardiff (@CardiffCityFC) making the trek to Anfield to take on Liverpool (@LFC) and man-of-the-moment, Luis Suárez (@luis16suarez).


The aforementioned is already on two goals and an assist at the half and has all but sealed Malky Mackay‘s fate as the next BPL manager to suffer a very harsh sacking.

However, Suárez has been making a habit lately of completely dismantling the opposition and putting their weaknesses on full display.

His second goal of the day was an absolute cracker.

Remember when Arsène Wenger made that cheeky £40,000,001 bid and I said I’d hate to see such a scumbag wearing Arsenal (@Arsenal) red?

Yeah, about that…

Luis is now on 19 goals for the season and is currently one shy of taking the record for most scored in a single season prior to Christmas.


Speaking of the Gunners, the big game versus Chelsea (@chelseafc) will conclude week 17 with a Monday match at the Emirates.

The three points are more crucial than ever now as it looks as if the Reds will sit top of the table before the rest of the fixtures kick off today at 10am EST.



Let’s have a look at the fantasy squads this time around.

*     *     *     *     *



*     *     *     *     *


(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

*     *     *     *     *

After all the Suárez talk, naturally, he was selected as captain in both formats.

To be quite honest, barring injury, it could stay that way for the remainder of the season.

He already sits at £13m in the official format and I would expect his price to soar past £40m in the Yahoo! game after today’s performance.

Of course, everyone else has him as well so giving him the armband is just a matter of maintaining the pace.

In Yahoo!, I have been holding Rooney (@WayneRooney) at a fairly substantial discount and took a bit of a risk sticking with him this week as he was listed as a doubt due to a groin injury.

However, the gamble paid off, as United (@ManUtd) just announced that he will be in the XI today.

Moyes needs to work on the psychology a bit, as the last time he was vague about an injury pertaining to van Persie (@Persie_Official), RVP ended up playing.

It seemed similar to the way he was deflecting questions about Rooney this week and thankfully, my intuition proved correct.

I wanted to get Giroud (@_OlivierGiroud_) into both formats but only managed to keep him in the official game.

He’s been quiet over the past month and I’m expecting him to put away at least two versus the Blues.

In Agüero‘s (@aguerosergiokun) absence, I replaced him in the Yahoo! game with Álvaro Negredo (@_AlvaroNegredo_) who has a chance to really assert himself over the next month.

Cardiff have since put one past Mignolet (@SMignolet) so what I would have assumed to be a sure clean sheet has now been lost on me.

Overall, I am hoping to have enough balance in both games to finish strong before the big Boxing Day games close out the calendar.

What Do Your XIs Look Like for Gameweek 17???


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