Breeze Brewin – “Road Rage”

breezebrewinHere at the PRISM, we are long-time supporters of the legendary Juggaknots (@juggaknots) crew.

Perhaps, you even caught our siblings post back in July where we featured the Juggs for the #GuelphMusicClub.

Either way, we regard Breeze Brewin as arguably the most under-appreciated MC in the game over the past two decades.

Fans who have been up on the group since their Fondle ‘Em days know that their musical output can be a bit sparse, to put it mildly.

Thankfully, there have been signs that the family unit is ready to break up their latest period of inactivity.

Breeze has taken the lead by dropping a new track and accompanying video.

Check out “Road Rage” below. It’s a banger.

P.S. When Kendrick (@kendricklamar) dropped his “Control” verse, in typical rap fashion, everyone jumped on the Big Sean (@BigSean) beat and released their own versions.

The ONLY “response” worth hearing came from Breeze.

Dope and a completely original take.

Peep it if you missed it.


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