Fantasy Premier League: Week 10 Recap

Let’s start this post off with some good news.

Arsenal (@Arsenal) had the pundits eating their hats over the weekend, having made Liverpool (@LFC) look ordinary.

Brendan Rodgers stuck with his usual 3-5-2 formation and the Gunners made them pay by making the most of the extra space out wide.

The GIFs above shows a lovely individual effort from Cazorla (@19SCazorla) which gave us the early lead at the 19th minute.

The diminutive Spaniard is reminding us that Mesut Özil (@MesutOzil1088) isn’t the only magician out there in the midfield.

And speaking of magic..

Just prior to the hour mark, Aaron Ramsey (@aaronramsey) smashed home his 6th Premier League (@premierleague) goal of the season (10th in all competitions) to double the Gunners lead and they never looked back.

Of course, the Reds were supposed to present us with our first “real test” of the year according to all of the “experts”.

But, now that Man City (@MCFC) finished with a 7-nil result this past weekend, of course we haven’t proven ourselves until we face them.

What a laugh.

After hammering Wenger in the press for years now, the talking heads seem determined to avoid doling out any credit.

All this despite sitting 5 points clear at the top.

Nonetheless, we have another tough fixture ahead of us tomorrow afternoon as we face off against Borussia Dortmund (@BVB) once more.

But I don’t think the German side were dominant when we lost to them previously and I think we can overcome them at Westfalenstadion.

And this despite the loss of services from the likes of Mathieu Flamini, Kieran Gibbs (@KieranGibbs), and Jack Wilshere (@JackWilshere).

Once that’s in the bag, we can proceed with rolling over van Pussy (@Persie_Official) and the rest of the United (@ManUtd) scum at Old Trafford this Sunday.



Now that we’ve taken care of the good news, let’s have a look at my teams for week 10…

*     *     *     *     *



Overall Points: 559

Global: 252,429 (Last week: 90,736)
Fans of Arsenal: 13,597 (Last week: 5,012)
Canada: 2,130 (Last week: 779)

Private League I: 2 / 17 (22 points out of 1st)
Private League II: 2 / 11 (3 points out of 1st)
Private League III: 2 / 7 (55 points out of 1st)
Private League IV: 2 / 4 (2 points out of 1st)

*     *     *     *     *


(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

Total Points: 1166

Global: 2,949 (Last week: 2,036)
Fans of Arsenal: 713 (Last week: 466)

Private League I: 1 / 8 (174 points clear)
Private League II: 2 / 6 (36 pts out of 1st)

*     *     *     *     *

As you can see, I tanked hard in the official game.

After scraping my way back into the top 100,000 last week, I plummeted like a stone and fell back to the 250k range.

I have made a point not to lose any points on transfers by using only one per week but I think it’s about time I break from that strategy.

I am missing out on too many in form players and sitting on too many guys I haven’t been interested in for quite some time now.

I was considering using my wildcard before I taper off completely but it is always ideal to save those for the double weeks as they start making their way into the schedules.

Really, as I stated prior to the weekend, I paid the price for sticking with Giroud (@_OlivierGiroud_) over Agüero (@aguerosergiokun).

I am probably one of the only people who didn’t choose Kun and that definitely contributed to my sharp descent.

I have also noticed that many of the leaders in the official game make multiple transfers per week. So despite the fact that each additional transfer knocks 4 points off of your overall total score, it’s worth it if you’re averaging 70-80 points per week.

These are also the guys with the most valuable squads monetarily.

I’m learning more as I go but definitely need to speed up the curve if I want to match my early season pace.

You can also see that I joined two more private leagues in the official game and now sit second place in all four.

Perpetual 1st place loser.

But now I’m hungrier than ever, okay!!!

Did a bit better in the Yahoo! format but still just an average week.

I fell in the rankings here too but thankfully, only slightly so.

The biggest disappointment is the fact that I was 2 points out of first in one of my private leagues and now that gap has been widened again.

Oh, and it cost me sticking with Vorm, despite several better options being available.

Holding him at a discount and Swansea‘s (@SwansOfficial) upcoming fixture list convinced me to stick with him.

And for my loyalty, he got himself sent off via a red card and left me with a -9 on the day.

Swans had used all their subs in the game by that point, though, so it was kinda fun to see Rangel (@arangelz) step into goal and send the resulting free kick over the bar.

Anyway, hope you had a better week than I did.

We’ll be back again Saturday morning and will certainly be in better spirits!

Would love to see some of your own squads in the comment box below!

How did you make out in Gameweek 10???


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