Fantasy Premier League: Week 8 Recap

Not feeling the best today so I am going to make this a brief entry.

It was another average weekend for me in fantasy.

I fell to 2nd spot in my private league in the official game but have joined another league in that format where I am holding onto first spot. However, I am now out of the top 100,000. That stings.

I slipped a little bit in the global standings for both Yahoo! and the official game for the second week in a row.

The situation isn’t quite dire as of yet but the pattern is troublesome.

Wasn’t so long ago that I was staying right in the mix of the top players.

The captain picks are what have really been the cause of my undoing.

Nevertheless, I think there were positives to take moving forward.

As far as Arsenal (@Arsenal) goes, their match versus the Canaries (@NorwichCityFC) on Saturday was a spectacle to behold.

Clinical, clinical, clinical.

Wilshere (@JackWilshere) scored for the second consecutive week and what a goal it was.

Lovely bit of tiki-taka with Giroud (@_OlivierGiroud_).

Definitely the best goal of the Premier League (@premierleague) so far this season and easily the best bit of play we have seen from the Gunners in YEARS.

Also have to once again acknowledge Ramsey (@aaronramsey) who is turning into a fantastic player and is arguably the most in-form midfielder in the game for the moment.

Can you believe this shit?

Absolute magic.

Let’s hope we see more of this degree of understanding within the squad today in a tough Champions League (@ChampionsLeague) match facing German side, Borussia Dortmund (@BVB).




*     *     *     *     *

Here’s how ya boy שּׂreckedΔngle™ did in gameweek 8:



Overall Points: 455

Global: 102,073 (Last week: 74,884)
Fans of Arsenal: 6,334 (Last week: 3,828)
Canada: 884 (Last week: 603)

Private League I: 2 / 17 (11 points out of 1st)
Private League II: 1 / 11 (14 points clear)

*     *     *     *     *


(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

Total Points: 880

Global: 7,887 (Last week: 3,135)
Fans of Arsenal: 1,834 (Last week: 646)

Private League I: 1 / 8 (133 points clear)
Private League II: 2 / 6 (48 pts out of 1st)

*     *     *     *     *

You can see, I am slipping HARD.


I need to take these next few days to really think on how to regain my place in the standings.

It’s been fun so far, though, and I appreciate everyone who has been following my picks this season.

How did you make out in Gameweek 8???


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