Fantasy Premier League: Week 6 Player Picks


Virtual Özil

In massive footy news, FIFA 14 just dropped this past Tuesday.

The game certainly hasn’t taken the giant leap forward like we saw from 12 to 13.

However, they have refined the gameplay and smoothed out some of the rough edges to make the overall experience far more enjoyable.

They also improved the menu navigation immensely, one of my biggest pet peeves with last year’s installment.

Arsenal (@Arsenal) have a tough fixture this afternoon at Liberty Stadium versus the Swans (@SwansOfficial).

Will be tough to hold a clean sheet, especially with Michu (@Michuoviedo) – who has a great record versus Arsenal – racing into form.

But I still expect a win for the Gunners.

Chelsea (@chelseafc) and Tottenham (@SpursOfficial) have just kicked off and I would love to see them draw.

I have a fantasy hockey draft to prepare for today (wish me luck!) so I’m going to get right on to the picks.



*     *     *     *     *



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(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

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Given that Benteke has been ruled out for the next six weeks, I chose to swap him out for Lukaku (@RomeluLukaku9) in the official game.

The Everton (@Everton) striker looks poised for a true breakout season and could be lucrative across the next few weeks. I took a bit of a risk captaining him so I hope it works out.

In the Yahoo! format, I put the no-longer-under-the-radar Robbie Brady back in.

I also added Baines, as I’m sure everyone else did who missed out on him last weekend.

Had to add Suárez (@luis16suarez) in his return to the PL with Liverpool (@LFC) facing an absolutely miserable Sunderland (@SAFCofficial) side.

And Shrek retains the captain’s band for another week!

Wayne Rooney, week 6 Captain

Wayne Rooney, week 6 Captain

Welcome back, Suárez!

Welcome back, Suárez!

*update: Tottenham 1-0 Chelsea.
Fucking Čech.

What Do Your XIs Look Like for Gameweek 6???


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