Crate Diggers: Evidence


Back again one time with a fresh episode of Crate Diggers coming hot off the press.

Truth be told, at one time in my life, I regarded Evidence (@Evidence) as one of my favourite producers.

I still remember when Dilated Peoples (@PeoplesDilated) dropped the Platform.

At the time, the internet was just beginning to pop off and Dilated were making the transition from underground to major label.

Expectations were high, as right around this time, cats like Black Eyed Peas (@bep) and Jurassic 5 (@jurassic5) were cracking the mainstream with their modern takes on old-school flavoured, traditional boom-bap.

But while the aforementioned were toying with breezy funk and soul samples, Dilated went straight gutter on the beats.

Ev handled about half the production, a still up-and-coming Alchemist (@Alchemist) sat behind the boards for a few tracks, and they even got some joints from two of the most underrated rap producers from the 90s – Kutmasta Kurt (@kutmastakurt) and the god T-Ray (@venicefreakshow) – the latter of whom is now taking pleasure in being the star of his own freak show reality program instead of making dope records!

I mean, this guy has won a few Grammy Awards, for fuck’s sake!

Either way, the Platform will always hold a special place in my heart and it still stands up to this day.

I started losing interest in Dilated by the time they released Neighborhood Watch. They seemed to hit a period of stagnation; aside from the odd standout, the records were starting to feel like retreads.

Saying that, it has now been seven years (7!!) since their last record together and I have high hopes for their comeback album, Directors of Photography, due out on Rhymesayers (@rhymesayers) sometime in 2014.

Also, the downtime has blessed us with some amazing solo project from Ev as the Weatherman.

Not to mention that he and the Alchemist have a collaborative album due out by the end of the year.

This is another terrific episode. We even become privy to a choice story involving JAY Z (@S_C_) and a pre-fame Kanye West (@kanyewest).

Evidence is one of those rare producers who appear to have no particular rhyme or reason when it comes to organizing their vinyl.

Some of his pieces are in straight up bad condition. It makes me a little uncomfortable.

In any case, he certainly knows what he’s doing with all that wax. Enjoy this one.

(According to the schedule, October is going to be a great month with new episodes focusing upon the Gaslamp Killer (@GASLAMPKILLER) and Rjd2 (@rjd2) dropping on the 2nd and 16th, respectively.)

Take a look at episode no. 31 below:

To check out the entirety of the Crate Diggers playlist, go here.

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