Wakeless Release New 2-Track Single

Year of the Sun Records (2013)

Year of the Sun Records (2013)

Guelph harbingers of doom, Wakeless (@wearewakeless), have just released a 2-song digital single that is currently available here as a free download.

The sampler includes “Descend Beneath” as the A-side, taken directly off of their debut release, the criminally underrated Desolation Diaries of 2012.

However, the crown jewel is the brand new alternate version of “Defibrillator”.

This fresh interpretation of the song is far more brooding and melodic than the original.

In my opinion, this really showcases Derek‘s (@Derek_PC) growth as a vocalist, as he compliments the moody instrumental in excellent fashion.

Also of note is the fact that this is the first Wakeless song not to feature any percussion on the track.

Very cool.

Pick your favourite after you compare the two against one another:

2013 Version:


Original Version:


*     *     *     *     *

In other Wakeless news, the band have made (another) personnel change after losing the services of bassist/producer/engineer, Colin Canning (@whitenoisempire).

By all accounts, the split was amicable, leaving Colin a lot more free time to – yet again – watch Liverpool (@LFC) fail to live up to expectations for another season.

He has been replaced by Chad Morey (@ChadMorey) who also served as the producer/engineer on the new version of “Defibrillator”.

I guess it is a requirement to know how to use a Pro Tools rig if you wanna supply the low end for these dudes.

Here is the official band statement:

Hello friends,

There have been some changes in the Wakeless camp as of late, both in terms of personnel and overall sound. First off, our bassist Colin played his last show with Wakeless in our hometown Guelph last Thursday September 12th. The split was completely amicable, Colin decided it was in his best interest to move forward in life. We want to thank Colin for his contributions to Wakeless. He stuck with us through some times where we could have easily blown up the band, he engineered our debut album, he kept the band van in good enough condition to make it to shows, the list goes on.

All that said, we are no strangers to lineup change. We have already recruited our new bass player, done pictures, began getting him up to speed with the tunes, began writing with him and even recorded a track with him! Ladies and gentlemen we would like to officially welcome Mr. Chad Morey to the band! Chad has been one of my best friends since high school. He is a serious musical talent. We know he will bring positive change to Wakeless while we continue to write for our sophomore release.

Speaking of writing, we wrote and recorded an alternate version of Difibrillator. It was one of Chad’s first assignments with us. He rocked some mean fretless bass and even handled the engineering duties. He and myself produced the track and we’re all really proud of it! It will be released through our mother ship Year of the Sun Records as a single along with the Desolation Diaries version of “Descend Beneath”. It’s really cool to experience this new chapter of the band at the exact time YOTS is turning a new page. Evolution is always exciting.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the alternate version of Defibrillator. We’ll be back on stage soon with some good friends. Keep your eyes peeled and ear to the ground!

Much love,

Wakeless 2013 (L-R): Brent Munger, Greg Richmond, Derek Prince-Cox, Chad Morey

Wakeless 2013 (L-R): Brent Munger, Greg Richmond, Derek Prince-Cox, Chad Morey


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