#GuelphMusicClub, Pt. X: Long Song

R.I.P. #GuelphMusicClub?


I was really hoping for someone else to take the lead this time, but alas, here I am again.

Is this the end of it all? If so, the whole thing was extremely short lived.

I’m actually kinda mad about it.

What happened to the enthusiasm?

I know we aren’t kids anymore but nor are we among the elderly.

We haven’t even returned to our decade-by-decade series.

What’s the excuse?

Look, I’m just trying to shame all of you back into this shit.

Did it work?

Either way, I’ma keep goin’..

*     *     *     *     *

Last topic we all agreed to write about revolved around our favourite “long song”.

Makes sense, given that we previously discussed our fave tracks clocking in at two minutes or less.

I will admit, deciding upon a lengthy composition was a bit more difficult.

A few things came immediately to mind but they were lacking in imagination.

I am not trying to come across as a smug elitist here but I do enjoy using this blog to discuss records that haven’t already been written about thousands of times over.

After a bit of thought, my decision was clear, although it may end up as a selection that falls ever-so-slightly out of bounds due to the fact that I chose a concept track broken into 16 separate segments.

The artist I have selected is Halifax’s very own, Sixtoo.


*     *     *     *     *

Tragically, Sixtoo – a.k.a. Vaughn Robert Squire – retired his pseudonym about six to seven years ago, largely shifted away from instrumental hip-hop, and began to produce varying types of electronic music under different names.

However, in the past, Sixtoo was a favourite of in-the-know underground heads who came to learn of him via his work with the Sebutones (a collaboration with fellow Canuck, Buck 65) and through his association with anticon.

The rapper/producer stretched himself pretty thin during his most active years.

But in 2002, he really set things off for himself with what is now considered to be his magnum opus: the Duration Project.


Original album artwork

One of the moodiest instrumental journeys one can hope to find.

An underrated Canadian masterpiece, the record serves as a fine accompaniment to train riding and graffiti bombing.

In fact, the atmosphere is distinctly Scotia but the tone (and the drums!) bleed New York.

This is some genuine boom-bap shit that goes from delicate to erratic and back again.

You know you are listening to great music when you are seeing strong visuals without the benefit of words.

Check out the YouTube playlist below:

Sixtoo – “Duration”
from the album, DURATION  (2002)

*     *     *     *     *

Sixtoo re-released Duration in 2005 as a deluxe edition which included the Secrets that Houses Keep EP as well as a bonus DVD.


CD/DVD Deluxe album artwork

Highly recommended listening for those unfamiliar with this cat who dig grimy instrumentals.

There are signs that Sixtoo has begun to resurrect his old moniker, having produced up-and-comer Isaiah Toothtaker‘s (@i_toothtaker) 2012 LP, Sea Punk Funk, in its entirety.

Let’s hope he is back here to stay.

*     *     *     *     *

And one more thing while we are on the subject: I wanna shout out Villain Accelerate, the collaboration with Stigg of the Dump.

Maid of Gold is one of the most slept-on instrumental projects I can think of. Worth peeping if you like dark, smoky, eerie beats. Some of Sixtoo‘s finest.

Maid of Gold album artwork

Maid of Gold album artwork


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