Fantasy Premier League: Week 1 Recap


The wait is over and the Barclays English Premier League (@premierleague) is officially back in session for the 2013/14 season.

Despite a 1-nil result, the opening match between Liverpool (@LFC) and Stoke (@stokecity) was a real cracker, with Begović (@asmir1) and Mignolet (@SMignolet) each putting on a clinic in goal.

It was a game to be seen and worked as a class start to the campaign.

Sadly, my Gunners (@Arsenal) suffered their first home opening defeat in 20 years courtesy of Aston Villa (@AVFCOfficial).

Granted, Villa were hacking Arsenal up and down the pitch and the indifference shown from referee Anthony Taylor was horrific.. but that is neither here nor there.

Despite all the panic surrounding the Emirates, I do believe we have quite a competitive squad.

It is just a little thin and recent injuries have exposed that fact.

Regardless of the low-scoring predictions, I expect them to make short work of Fulham (@FulhamFC) in their upcoming fixture.

Perhaps, a hat-trick courtesy of this year’s breakout player of the season (calling it now), Olivier Giroud (@_OlivierGiroud_)?



*     *     *     *     *

So, with that out of the way, the real purpose of this blog entry is to post my weekly fantasy squads, something I have been doing on Twitter for the past few years.

I am not trying to put up player picks prior to deadlines as I am not interested in tipping off the dudes I am competing against directly.

However, this post went up later than I would have liked due to the Chelsea (@chelseafc) / Villa double week.

I am basically using these posts to track my own rankings, as I play both the official game as well as the Yahoo! version.

I am still adjusting to the tweaks made in the latter version but I had a fairly good debut with their new format.

If these posts help people with making their picks the following week, all the better.

If it sparks some discussion, that would be the best. I love geeking out over footy.

Having said that, here are my fantasy squads for Week One:


: 699,344
Fans of Arsenal: 22,664
Canada: 5,889

Private League: 3 / 16

*     *     *     *     *



(click to enlarge)

Global: 24,414
Fans of Arsenal: 3,657

Private League I: 1 / 8
Private League II: 3 / 6

*     *     *     *     *

How did the rest of you fare in comparison?

Captaining Hazard (@hazardeden10) didn’t work out the best for me, neither did picking Mata (@juanmata10). Luiz (@DavidLuiz_4) was an outright disaster, not even making the bench for either match. It was a needless risk at almost £16M but I got greedy across the two games.

Even though going heavy on Blues wasn’t as lucrative as I would have hoped, I am still fairly pleased with the first week results.

Excited for a fantastic year of football!


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