Crate Diggers: DJ Tony Touch


It has been a long three weeks since the last episode of Crate Diggers.

Frankly, I am always pleased when the series is focused upon people associated with rap.

They just always seem to have the better record collections.

Tony Touch (@DJTONYTOUCH) estimates his own stockpile is comprised of about 15,000 pieces of wax.

I referenced his latest release, PieceMaker3: Return of the 50 MC’s, in this blog post after he leaked some new Eminem (@Eminem) a couple months back on his own Shade 45 radio show.

Tony is a legend in this rap shit.

After you watch this episode, be sure to check out the 50 exclusive webisodes he shared from his personal vaults in the leadup to his latest LP.

Most of it is must-see material that can’t be found anywhere else.


Take a look at episode no. 29 below:

To check out the entirety of the Crate Diggers playlist, go here.

Follow on Twitter – @fusetv
And series creator, Jason Newman@Jasonrnewman


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