Crate Diggers: Shepard Fairey

Crate Diggers continue to move a little left by shifting the spotlight onto Obey / Shepard Fairey with this latest episode.

Did his name ring a bell? If not, you are likely familiar with him without realizing it due to the following poster:



Shepard Fairey has long been known for his underground street art but obviously achieved a new level of notoriety once he decided to go all bRoBaMa and blatantly appropriate the work of others without giving credit.

He’s still cool tho.

Even though a lot of his shit always kinda reminded me of a hackneyed Aidan Hughes.

But who cares, right!?
This program is about nerds nerding out on records.
And this dude is definitely a fuckin’ NERD.

His enthusiasm and his anecdotes make it a fun episode.
And the dude is an icon, regardless.


Also, follow the creator of the Crate Diggers series on Twitter, @Jasonrnewman


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