Loe Pesci – “Headbangers” (Official Video)

Old song, new video.

One of my personal faves from Loe Pesci (@LoePesci), not to mention the ultra slept-on Moon Boots (@MoonBoots_OGHK), producer of this track.

Pretty cool that he gave it the video treatment. Featuring a prominent cameo from Bender (@Al_Bender) of Flight Distance (@FlightDistance).

The King of the Dot (@KingOfTheDot) standout had been quiet for a while but that appears to be changing with these new visuals combined with his recent return to the international battle stage.


He hasn’t been quite as prolific over the past few years but in my opinion, Pesh was in contention for best rapper in the Canadian underground at one point.

The potential remains but he has a tendency to go dark for a while.
Nevertheless, Canada should know about this guy.


  • One ½ of rap duo, OG Hindu Kush (@OGHinduKush), which also features another nasty Canadian MC in Osa (@OsaHK). The pair dropped their debut album, In 3D, in 2011 – one of my favourite releases of that year.oghindukush


  • Earlier in 2012, he dropped his first official solo LP, GOOD x 2. This is the album from which “Headbangers” originally appears.



  • His most recent track was released to the internet at the beginning of 2013. Check out “Small Vikings” produced by Joe Black below:

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