New Arsenal Away Kit 2013/14

So the day has arrived.

The new @Arsenal away strip is here.

The last Nike shirt we will see before Puma takes over.
End of an era.

Personally, I really grew to become a fan of the purple-and-black ringed look from last season.

While I am happy to see the yellow has returned, I’m not sure I’ll ever get over not being able to purchase one of the yellow-and-maroon strips that debuted in 2010/11.

All of that said, this new kit is very clearly paying home to the days of the Invincibles. But can we get anywhere near similar results?

I have to say, I am a big fan of the ringed socks. Top class stuff.

But what say you?

Do you like the new kit?

New strip / same squad?

Hoping to see Arsène Wenger cracking open the rumoured warchest any day now.

The entire Higuaín ordeal has been daunting, especially with Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez claiming the Gunners have yet to make an actual bid for the striker.





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