New @Bowjia

Last week on 93.3FM, University of Guelph radio, Bryan McNeill of Underplayed & Underpaid got an exclusive with Wakeless and debuted an awesome new track of theirs by the name of “Floating Footsteps“.

This Monday, he followed that up by inviting the great Bowjia onto his show, another Guelph act and one who I truly believe are poised for big things.

Once again, Mr. McNeill was able to wrangle some radio premieres out of his guests.

We were blessed with a pair of gems this time around.

  • The first track is a new cut, fittingly entitled “New Tropics“, and it will appear on the official release of the Bowjia LP, Ballooniverse, due out this July.
  • The second is a fresh remix of Toronto artist, Trish, and her cut, “Up There“.

Don’t sleep, these dudes are on the come-up.
I done been  saying it.

* * UPDATE * *

Trish has released a proper rip of the “Up There” remix at this location.


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